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Cottage 1997
Cottage 1997 With Fireplace
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Large Cottage 1997 With Fireplace
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70 m2 block cabin 24 km south-east from Enontekio, on the shore of Lake Ketojarvi, in an uninhabited wilderness. Beds even for 11 persons. Beautiful view over the Lake Ketojarvi to the Ounas-Pallastunturi fells. Nearest inhabited house 5 km away from the cabin. Going from Enontekio 40 km by car until you see a sign Kolatusjarventie. Leave your car in a suitable place and walk or ski in the winter 5 km to the cabin. You can get the specific instructions when you come to Enontekio.

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Ketojarvi cabin has a roomy living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and sauna. No electricity or running water. Warming by liquid gas heater or with huge fireplace, cooking by gas. A container for heating water in sauna. A lot of candles and oil lamps for illumination. Drinking and washing water from the lake. Cabin has basic cooking and dining set.

There is also a rowing boat by the lake. Perch and white fish are the most common fishes in the lake.

Cabin Cabin Cabin

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