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Cottage 1997
Cottage 1997 With Fireplace
Large Cottage 1987 With Fireplace
Large Cottage 1997 With Fireplace
Wilderness Cottages
Närppä Ketojärvi

Wilderness Huts in General

Narppa is a 48 m2 block cabin 2,5 km from the centre of Enontekio, by the River Narpisto. It is possible to go to the cabin by car in summer, but in winter the last 400 m have to go by walking/skiing. Nearest inhabited building is 200 m. No electricity or running water.

Ketojarvi is a 70 m2 block cabin 24 km south-east from Enontekio, 5 km from the nearest road and inhabited building. Beautiful view over the Lake Ketojarvi to Ounas-Pallastunturi fells. Access to the cabin from the road by skiing or walking. No electricity or running water.

Visitors: 40096

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